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PriceFX and Reputazyon joined forces.
As Reputazyon,
we live in the honor of being the first and only partner of PriceFx in Turkey.

About PriceFx

Pricefx currently has more than 100 customers across 37 countries, which include some of the largest manufacturing, retailing and energy businesses in the world.
In 2019, Pricefx signed nearly 20 new enterprise customers with revenue in excess of $2 billion.
New customers include Lyreco, Phillips 66, Scotts-Miracle Gro and Watsco.


Pricefx, A Dynamic, Relationship Building Pricing Leader

Continued Accelerated Growth 

The G2 Momentum Grid highlights companies that achieve growth at accelerated rates. As with the Grid® Report for Pricing, Pricefx again scores in the top 25% of pricing solutions. A testament to our continued effort to lead the charge in providing the very best in Fast, Flexible and Friendly cloud-based software. .

Pricefx is a Gold-level partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® Build program

The Pricefx Optimized Dynamic Pricing solution, an SAP endorsed app, is an end-to-end, cloud-native platform supporting the entire pricing journey, from setting optimal list prices and managing the rebate process to maximizing your organization’s pricing power.

PriceFx customers have reported

Complete pricing solutions for ALL your needs

Some Customers of PriceFx


"Pricing and configuration"

I really like the flexibility of the tool. How easy to customize the tool based on the organization requirement. Support provided by the Technical Team is outstanding. I like the email notification feature. We use that feature a lot. Its very helpful for the executive to approve the quotes while on the fly. Moving quotes between the users really help us to govern the prices.
Aaryan G
Business Intelligence Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"A dynamic pricing tool that perfectly combines our pricing strategies with simple usability."

-A tool that is specially adapted to our pricing needs
-Price f(x) is fast in reaction and implementation (agile too)
-The great further development-oriented team is extremely customer focused which gives us the opportunity to further develop our system according to our pricing needs in an agile environment.
Rene V.
Product & Pricing Manager
EMEA Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"Best Pricing Tool"

"PriceFx was very flexible and fast to implement"
|PriceFx connected very easily to SAP and SalesForce allowing data to be sent between the 3 systems. PriceFx was very quick to implement and the sales team found it very intuitive to use increasing the user adaption speed.
Roberto R
Financial Planning Director
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

PriceFx Platform

Pricefx is the first true platform in the pricing software industry. Our world-class suite of pricing software modules sit on top of a platform that connects them to a universe of Accelerator Packages Pricing IP, algorithm libraries, connected apps and more, to get you live faster, and gaining ROI from day one.

Pricefx offers a full suite of price management solutions. Already world-class and built to stay ahead of the market, these products are designed to meet both your current-state and future-state needs.

From gathering insight on your pricing data to managing strategy and bringing prices to market, our platform performs every function in the pricing process.


Pricing Insight Drives Powerful Growth.

Supercharge your strategic decision making by unlocking the power of your data with our industry leading PriceAnalyzer and PriceOptimizer technology, and read below to learn more about how analytics driven Insight is fueling digital transformation and growth.


PriceAnalyzer offers vast analytical functionality to identify margin leakage and price increase opportunities with complete visualization throughout the price waterfall with rapid implementation with Excel, data warehouses and other pricing data sources.

PriceOptimizer is a price management software that helps you analyze and segment your business, optimize your pricing strategy and practice insight-based price management. Perform data profiling and generate segment-optimized pricing for delivery to your numerous systems.


Simplify Pricing Management,And Deliver Profit.

Manage and Define your pricing strategy with our industry leading PriceBuilder and PromotionManager solutions, and discover how simple complex price management can be. Explore our content below to learn more about how dynamic management tools and strategy can transform your business.

PriceBuilder is a price management software that supports price policy definition, the setup of price guidelines, calculations and simulations of gross, special and net prices. Seamlessly integrate with price lists, Excel, business intelligence, ERP and CRM systems to make adjustments in real time.

PromotionManager is a price management software that allows you to manage promotions, discounts, campaigns and special pricing – at any level of complexity – from one portal. Always leverage optimal conditions with the ability to launch in minutes.


Maximize Pricing Strategies, Realize Results.

Realization is where gains in pricing analytics, optimization and management meet the real world.

Our industry leading QuoteConfigurator CPQ enables to you unlock the power of your analytics and management across your enterprise, while our exclusive RebateManager and ChannelManager technology extend your Realization power beyond the transaction.

QuoteConfigurator is a price management software that supports your sales and back office teams with CPQ, calculation and simulation capabilities. The ultimate goal is a quick and error-free response to price inquiries.

RebateManager is a price management software that powers the definition, management and calculation of payments of special off-invoice conditions, such as rebates and credits, as well as establishes full transparency across the entire price waterfall.

ChannelManager gives you the ability to automate and validate ship and debit claims management in any industry and in any country. With unparalleled efficiency and speed, minimize claim and incentive processing time while maximizing accuracy. Use it with our modules like PromotionManager and QuoteManager to define Special Price Agreements that are assessed automatically. It is the combination of these unique features that guarantee long term cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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