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Examples of 1000minds Conjoint Analysis applications.

Marketing research

-Studying how Chinese consumers prioritize fruit juice attributes like brand, nutrition, shelf-life and price when making purchasing decisions

-Generating insights into new features and interface enhancements for mobile-banking apps to increase young people’s engagement

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Robotics design

-Supporting the design process for developing and testing autonomous robotic systems, including the ARTEMIS-JU project R3-COP

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Retirement income policy

-Exploring citizens’ preferences about the design of retirement income policies, such as age of eligibility versus current and future taxes, etc

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Plant and animal breeding

-Helping breeders identify the most profitable breeds of grass, sheep and dairy cows to develop for farmers, and also discovering consumers’ preferences.

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Sustainable building and engineering

-Discovering people’s preferences with respect to desirable characteristics of residential buildings made from large concrete panels

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Monetary-policy preferences

-Revealing central bankers’ monetary-policy preferences concerning tradeoffs between inflation and GDP volatility, interest rates and exchange rates

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Charitable giving

-Discovering the relative importance of characteristics of developing countries considered by people when choosing countries to donate money to

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Helping students choose courses

-Tools to help young people – and their parents, teachers, etc – to rank subjects they might like to major in at university based on their skills and interests

NoMajorDrama softwareOtago Choice software

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-Creating an efficient Quality-of-Service-based resource scheduling algorithm based on factors such as CPU speed, memory, bandwidth, etc.

-Assigning credibility indices to web-based documents based on multiple criteria related to the documents’ characteristics such as date, type, quality, etc.

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Judging competitions

-Judging theatre awards entries for best design, promotion, visiting production, script, male and female performers, director and production of the year

  • Ranking new business ideas and selecting finalists, based on quality of product or service, originality, and commercial potential or community good

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Land use and urban planning

-Selecting waste landfill sites based on trade-offs between interested parties, and applying the approach to a large city in South Korea

-Investigating factors influencing business location decisions and how they will affect New Zealand’s future urban forms if transport fuel costs rise

-Researching current and future housing choices of the residents of a small city (Dunedin) and the implications for urban planning

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Environmental impact assessments

-Prioritising responses to pollution of streams and storm water drains based on assessing environmental, community, regulatory and logistical considerations

-Evaluating residents’ willingness to trade-off the expected costs and benefits associated with the construction of a cement factory in a rural area

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-Researching how home owners value the various aspects of rooftop photovoltaic systems when they think about using them to power their homes

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Environmental management and ethics

-Eliciting people’s preferences and willingness to make trade-offs with respect to choices related to marine reserves and customary fishing areas

-Identifying how ecologists prioritise ethically salient factors in research in order to improve ethical consistency and moral robustness

-Revealing the preferences of ecosystem experts with respect to plant attributes to prioritise species for restoring grassy woodland areas

-Creating a framework linking environmental and socio-economic considerations to develop resource management strategies for oceans

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Research, study and teaching

More than 940 research projects – including peer-reviewed publications, conference papers, PhDs, Masters, student projects – at 360+ universities and other research organisations have been completed or are underway

-1000minds is also a great teaching resource for courses incorporating Multi-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM, also known as Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, MCDA) and Conjoint Analysis


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