Omnichannel Solutions

Nowadays customers consider the brands as a real person and they would like to communicate from all online and offline channels such as whatsapp, facebook messenger, sms, e-mail and from store as well. However brands also have same intention too. They would like to communite with the customers from the same channels and promote their products and services. Omnichannel marketing creates a seamless message that adjusts to your customer based on their behavior through your sales funnel, providing the ultimate personalized customer experience. Customization is the key point to catch the feelings of customers. By this way brands using this strategy will be one more step ahead from those do not use.

To reach out more customers regarding deliver the messages and receive the requests from customer we cooperate with Whappodo. Here below are the key features of Whappodo.


Fast & Personal

Live Support, News and Bots via Messenger WhatsApp®, Facebook® Messenger, Telegram, Threema, Website-Chat, Whappodo-Push-Notifications

Single chats

Direct communication with your customers. Work up inqueries of your customers in real time. Single chats with as many operators you want. Simple integration in your existing workflow through connection with any CRM system.


Send actual news and keep your customers up to date. With one click you can sent messages to all your registered customers. See opening (> 92%) and receiving rates, as well as click through statistics of your sent links.


Fully customizable for your website Built different widgets for different languages or parts of your website. Detailed statistics for your reporting with export function.


Detailed Reporting Receive subscription statistics by day, week, month, delivering and opening rates, as well as click through statistics of your sent links. All can be exported for your own reports.

Whappodo Dashboard

Keep the overview Add structure to your inbox. Switch simple between chats and use our labeling tool, to make your job more easy. Our backend works on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.