The Reputazyon is the first and only partner of NT in Turkey. We combine our expertise and bring together the latest technologies in advertising that allow managing the entire media buying cycle, from strategy optimization and deep data analysis across different KPIs.

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Customer service is great. Ability to micro-target audience with a good conversation is a gift for anyone launching a new product.

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They are highly responsive and always provide good feedback, no matter the questions we ask. The price gave us was more than suitable for the services they provide.

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Analysts calculated all preliminary data on the advertising campaign, the results impressed me. Everything is transparent and fair. High quality work.

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NT Platform

Using the power of programmatic for effective media buying optimization across different kpis


Agency is eligible to purchase targeted traffic in the Programmatic ecosystem in two ways – through technical partners who have an access to Ad Exchanges or through their own buying platform – Trading Desk.

Nominal Technology developed its own Trading Desk simultaneously connected to several major DSPs which allows purchasing their inventory.

Advantages of Using Own Trading Desk Are As Follows:

  • No need to connect separately to each DSP that significantly saves time for personnel training to purchase traffic directly through DSP efficiently;

  • As we specialize in Programmatic Buying for years, we have huge experience in launching of advertising campaigns and media costs optimization; 

  • Running advertising campaigns repeatedly for the same clients for a long period of time we accumulate bidding and other data which subsequently can be used to drive quality KPIs when rerunning; 

  • Trading Desk also memorizes earlier accumulated data on certain segments, and when running an advertising campaign for a similar client look-alike modeling is applied and new target segments are searched; 

  • Reporting is available in real-time and on any stage of the advertising campaign running providing a client with all the quality and quantity metrics.

NT Segments, developed by Nominal Technology, is an indispensable tool to use when working with target audience. It collects user information on the Internet and on its basis allocates separate segments according to criteria previously set. That tool is used to run context and RTB advertising campaigns and set retargeting when it is necessary to engage quality target traffic on the client’s website. As statistics show, conversion rates are higher in the online advertising in which NT Segments have been applied previously in comparison to that advertising campaign when audience segmentation has not been carried out preliminarily.

Stages of Segmentation:

  • collection and processing of unstructured user information;

  • making collected data unified;

  • the confrontation of data received with second-party data (results of previous audience researches);

  • integration of data received with third-party data (information from external sources, like DMP or party-exchangers);

  • analysis of data quality and data representation;

  • “packing” data in segments according to a specifically developed algorithm;

  • data analysis, correlation identification, the building of charts that reflect relations between different parameters;

  • finale preparation of data segments for usage and export.

Brand Lift’s purpose is to estimate the efficiency of display channels. Its methodology consists of dividing the target audience into two groups and showing the creatives only to one of them. Then, both groups take part in a survey on determining the ad impact on the brand. The structure and content of the survey are fully submitted to advertising objectives and, hence, brand metrics chosen by the advertiser. Reports are provided during the advertising campaign running and after it finishes. These reports contain the statistics of advertising messages impressions and the survey results within demographic criteria.

Currently, the Following Brand Lift Metrics Are Available:

  • Brand awareness;

  • Ad recall;

  • Brand loyalty;

  • Brand interest.

Analysis of Survey Data Helps You Answer the Questions Like These:

  • What was the lift in brand awareness ads recall after the advertising campaign run?

  • Which demographic segment better recalls to an advertising message (men or women, audience younger or older)?

  • Which creatives best drive brand awareness among the target audience?

  • What frequency of unique impressions maximizes brand interest?

Key Benefits of Brand Lift:

  • Estimate the influence of advertising campaigns on brand awareness and other available metrics it goes beyond clicks and impressions;

  • Provide advertisers with the most accurate information to drive advertising efficiency;

  • Optimize campaigns on a real-time basis to maximize brand impact.


TV Sync allows for the synchronization of digital ads simultaneously with TV ads. This powerful tool triggers online banners or any other form of online advertising on all the devices used by a potential customer when TV commercials are on.

Tv Syncing is a Good Opportunity for Advertisers Allowing Them To:

  • reach the audience which multitasks during commercial breaks by surfing the Internet, checking their social accounts and mail, etc. (62% of users do this!);

  • increase the synergistic effect by synchronizing two powerful media channels – TV advertising and digital advertising;

  • build complex multi-channel communications by using wide-target-audience creatives on TV and personalized creatives in digital;

  • synchronize digital ads with a TV commercial of your own product over those of competitors’ ones;

  • conduct complex analysis on TV and the Internet.

 Tv Sync Works According to The Following Scheme:

  • Monitoring, ads recognition, and analysis are conducted;

  • Notifications of relevant broadcast TV commercials algorithms are developed;

  • Programmatic placement of online media through our own Trading Desk;

  • Optimization of an advertising campaign based on TV ratings and users profiles;

  • Complex analysis of TV and digital channels is carried out.

Putting Tv Sync into Practice of Advertising Campaigns Gives the Following Results:

  • Increase banners’ CTR on average by 43%;

  • Drives conversions (for e-commerce) on average by 32%;

  • Improves TV advertising performance (+14% Brand Lift).

Today, when searching for information on the web or making purchases online, 90% of users are constantly switching from a computer to a phone or perhaps even using a tablet in between. The ability to integrate advertising campaigns across all the devices of a certain user and effectively market the ad is of great value for advertisers. Cross-platform advertising allows you to fully integrate ad placement across devices.

We offer a complex solution to multi-platform advertising settings and launch, providing you with integrated analytics across all the digital channels. Based on the third-party data, our technologies allow us to precisely identify all the gadgets owned by one person, estimate the target audience reach, set targeting parameters, and discover customers’ insights.

Within cross-device advertising, any media formats are available for placement: graphic and text banners, video ads, dynamic creatives, native ads, and others.

 To Achieve Optimal KPI We Apply the Following Strategies:

  • Cross-platform retargeting – a wide range of channels of influence on potential customers drives conversion significantly

  • Frequency capping – restricting the number of times a specific user is shown a certain creative and setting of the time interval between banners shown easily across all the devices

  • Geolocation – creatives are shown based on the users’ location

  • Consequent creatives run across the devices belonging to a certain user

Private Marketplace, also known as PMP, is a private (closed) auction wherein publishers sell their inventory on a real-time basis to a selected group of buyers.

Herewith the cost of traffic can be fixed or defined during the auction itself. In most cases, participation in a private auction means CPM and CPC increase for advertisers.

Benefits of PMP For Advertisers:

  • Inventory Transparency: advertisers have a very clear idea of what kind of inventory they are buying, how much they are paying for it, and what creatives are running;

  • Access to premium inventory and tight control of them;

  • Possibility to eliminate direct competitors from your own placement;

  • Programmatic Buying usage that gives an opportunity to quickly and effectively set new advertising campaigns in real-time and get highly targeted traffic;

  • Fixed price of the inventory.


One of the most efficient methods of ads placed on the Internet is display advertising on a Programmatic basis.

Display advertising is defined by the capability to accomplish image and brand goals.

Additional Capabilities:

  • analytics and modeling of user behavior

  • available analytics of your competitors

  • digital products and creative development

  • cross-channel online optimization

Today’s mobile is identified by a high level of daily engagement of users on their smartphones and tablets when searching for information and looking for a place to go or make purchases. Mobile engagement growth entails mobile technology improvement in Mobile Advertising regularly that instantly impacts the private user environment.

Benefits of Mobile Advertising:

  • Image metrics improvement

  • Mobile apps promotion

  • Website conversion drive

  • Maximizing campaign audience

Technical Capabilities of Our Platform Within Mobile Advertising:

  • More than 50 targeting capabilities – from mobile carrier to the category of the apps downloaded

  • Detailed statistics available in real-time

  • Technology of traffic quality control

  • All mobile analytics tools support

  • Instant technical optimization to achieve 98-100% Fill Rate

 Mobile Advertising Formats Available:

  • Mobile video

  • Social Media

  • Real-time bidding

  • Search

Video Advertising

Increasingly, consumers are shifting from TV to digital platforms, which makes digital video advertising more relevant. Video ads allow the demonstration of a product transparently and efficiently of delivering engaging advertising messages. Unlike traditional commercials, Programmatic Video Ads allow for highly focused targeting and measurable video across any digital channels boosting operational efficiency. According to research, the annual growth of video ads’ algorithmic purchases has increased up to 43,9%, proving online video ads are gaining popularity rapidly.

Benefits of Programmatic Video Advertising:

  • Driver for brand proposes

  • Amplified engagement metrics

  • The highest average CTR (5.00 %) among media digital formats

  • Expanding of audience reach

 Video Ad Formats:

  • Expandable video

  • Pre-roll

  • Pause-roll

  • In-display

Technical Capabilities of Our Platform:

  • Number of impressions per unique visitor limit

  • Extremely precise targeting

  • Non-converted website visitors and competitors’ customers retargeting

  • Brand Lift surveys

  • TV Sync setting: simultaneous digital and TV channels synchronization

  • Cross-channel Video Ads

 Websites and Platforms Engaged:

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Vkontakte

  • Smart TV and >1 000 platforms more

According to official statistics, social networks cover almost a third of the world population, forming a new huge platform for ads placement. The real power of Social Media Advertising lies in the extensive coverage of users, deep targeting settings, and strong engagement metrics that makes this media channel pretty efficient when running an advertising campaign.

Besides typically paid content, social advertising provides additional features other media channels are lacking. Among them are social shopping (“buy” button on Instagram) and live broadcasts (Periscope, Blub, Facebook Live).

Things We Focus on When Running A Social Media Advertising Campaign:

  • automation of placement process and advertising campaigns management

  • intellectual forecast of audience intersections to improve ads performance

  • extracting data from users’ profiles to deliver ads to your target audience

  • using social native ads

  • social engagement and opinion monitoring, participation in discussions

 We Offer the Following Major Social Media Networks to Advertise On:

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • VK and more

Contextual Advertising is an innovative product developed to automate the management process of all the search marketing aspects effectively. Only contextual advertising is able to meet customer demand on the bottom of the funnel leading “hot” clients. Contextual Advertising appears in two forms: contextual ad systems and search engine advertising. The first one is based on using contextual targeting to show banners to the right audience across thousands of websites, while the latter consists of showing a text ad in the pull of relevant search results.

 Besides the Search Results, Within the Search System We Are Able to Cover:

  • Maps

  • Company reviews

  • Product classifieds

  • Mobile search

  • Calling from different devices

  • Quick answers

 Search Engines Engaged:

  • Google

  • Yahoo

  • Bing

  • Baidu

  • Yandex

  • Rambler

  • Ask and other

 Our Contextual Advertising Analytics Include:

  • Complex testing

  • Analysis of total sales made as a result of an advertising campaign running

  • Analysis of brand advertising efficiency

  • Big Data management

Dynamic Retargeting

The critical difference between regular advertising and retargeting is you already know the customer is interested.

Only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting is giving advertisers the ability to leverage user-level data to deliver targeted and meaningful messages to each consumer. As a result, retargeting brings back the other 98%.

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For retargeting to work, it is necessary to place a pixel code on your website. This code creates a list of people who visit the site by setting anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browsers. The list allows retargeting ads to display to potential customers while they visit other websites. Ads can adapt to different geographies, demographics, and other factors with tailored messaging, imagery, products, and experiences to enhance their relevance (and thus, engagement). Every time the customer sees your retargeting ads, the brand gains traction and more recognition.

Retargeting generates more significant online sales by keeping the brand front and center, and bringing “window shoppers” back to your website when they’re ready to buy. Retargeting is most useful for segmenting the target audience among your site visitors and displaying different ads to each segment

  • Financial Service

  • Telecoms

  • Travel & Leisur

  • Manufacturers

  • Automotive

  • E-Commerce & Retail

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Entertainment