Social Behaviour Modelling

Social Behavior Modeling: Persuasion by Personality

Social Behavior Modeling: Persuasion According to Personality, is our solution, in which we created the most awareness and continue to develop. With this solution, it is aimed for brands and impact leaders to convey the most appropriate message to their target audience. In order for the message to be delivered successfully, the target audience must be understood very well. People are profiled psychometrically and give us the most accurate clues about how the message should be delivered.

What is Psychometric Profiling?

Psychometric profiling is the process by which your actions are used to reveal your personality. The technique was developed by academics, then used by marketers and advertisers to evaluate the psychological characteristics of an individual or group and continues to be used. These profile contents provide information to advertisers and political strategists about the beliefs, behaviours and motivations of users. By addressing these key attributes at the individual or group level, psychometrically informed ads have more persuasive potential and are therefore used to influence decisions such as what to buy or how to vote. Methodology is mainly based on OCEAN model which is very well known for a long time.


The most common model used for psychometric profiling is the OCEAN model, also called the “Big Five” or “Five Factor Model”, which measures five main personality traits:

These five traits are Openness, Consciousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism

The OCEAN model reveals the “basic structure underlying changes in human behavior and preferences”. Psychologists believe that these five traits contain more information about the motivations and decision-making processes of the individual or population. This is invaluable information for those who target a specific audience with a specific advertisement or political message.

OCEAN Model SandBox

The OCEAN model used in the analysis of personality trends is an important part of artificial intelligence analysis systems.

Analyze of Personality

Machine learning has shown that enough Facebook ‘likes’ can more accurately predict a user’s personality than a close friend or partner.